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"Walk softly" could be the motto of Minesweeper, a casual game by Bgaming. In fact, it is a variation of a well-known timekiller-procrastinator computer game but this one can really bring some benefits to an experienced sapper. Recollect all your skills and tune up the sensors! No reels, no cards this time. Just a lined green field is hovering over the abyss and bombs are distributed all over somewhere in the grass. Each step leads either to an explosion or to a clear block marked with a red flag. Make your way through the field step-by-step, maneuvering around the hidden bombs, and multiply your winnings with each safe move. The game can be adjusted to your personal luck levels: field sizes vary from tiny 2X3 to big 6X15. Bet amounts are configurable as well. The gameplay is simple yet absorbing: proceed to the opposite end of the playfield and try not to blow yourself up. However, the design and the sounds are so cool that even losing is fun here! Check out the juicy BOOM and the light smoke going up should you land on a mine. Minesweeper definitely stands out in Bgaming's portfolio of slots and card games and is absolutely worth trying if you are nostalgic about those hours spent in vain playing the original version. Choose the winning path, but remember: sapper never makes two mistakes!