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Scratch Dice is a mobile-first game of luck by BGaming. A fusion of dice and instant lottery, this game has been designed to deliver a bit of elegant simplicity into the gambling process. The rules are simple enough to get you in the game immediately. There are lottery tickets with scratch zone and dice symbols under them. Clear the scratch zone to reveal the dice. A combination of 3 identical symbols (1-1-1 to 6-6-6) brings instant winnings, while a consequent set of symbols (1-2-3 to 4-5-6) is called Street and opens a Golden Ticket. This special one introduces higher multipliers in case of a winning combination. The game is all about how it feels. The HD graphics, matching music and sounds, bright colors, and a very natural scratching process all make gameplay really enjoyable. We recommend playing Scratch Dice on your mobile touchscreen device to clear the scratch zone with your finger just the way you would do with a real instant lottery. If tired of scratching, there is a reveal feature that clears the ticket for you. The funny thing is that it imitates your own scratching style! Try it. It's fun. We guarantee!